What is the PicRisk Score?

The PicRisk score represents how likely the image is a copyrighted image. The higher the PicRisk score, the higher likelihood that the image is a copyrighted image. We recommend you proceed with caution if you have any images with high PicRisk score.

If you have any images with a high PicRisk score, make sure you have the proper license or authorization to use that image. If you do not have proper license or approval, we recommend you replace that image with a royalty-free stock photo.

How we categorize the PicRisk Score:

High Risk = 85+

Medium Risk = 65 – 84

Low Risk = Less than 65

For any images in the High Risk category, we recommend you replace those images immediately (unless you have a license or you received approval to use that image).

PicRisk Score - Check if Image is Copyrighted
PicRisk Score Risk Levels
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