How to Read the PicDefense Report

Step 1: View the PicDefense Summary Report #

To view your PicDefense Summary Report, log into the PicDefense Dashboard.

Click on the “View Details” button for the job that you are reviewing the report for.

The Next Page is the “Summarized Report”

PicDefense Image Copyright Check Results Summary Report – Shows which images are copyrighted and which ones you should review

The “Summary Report” quickly shows you exactly which images you need to review for copyright infringement. This list of images are checked for copyright and we let you know which ones we’ve flagged for further review.

Most of our customers only use the “Summary Report” as it tells them exactly which images they need to replace.

Step 2: Reading the PicDefense Full Detailed Report #

For a more in-depth report, you can click the “Download Full Report” button to download the full CSV report.

PicRisk Score – The PicRisk score represents how likely the image is a copyrighted image. The higher the PicRisk score, the higher likelihood that the image is a copyrighted image. We recommend you proceed with caution if you have any images with high PicRisk score.

If you have any images with a high PicRisk score, make sure you have the proper license or authorization to use that image. If you do not have proper license or approval, we recommend you replace that image with a royalty-free stock photo.

How we categorize the PicRisk Score:

High Risk = 85+

Medium Risk = 65 – 84

Low Risk = Less than 65

For any images in the High Risk category, we recommend you replace those images immediately (unless you have a license or you received approval to use that image).

PicRisk Score Risk Levels

Backlink Page URL – Links to the original website. The webpage URL where the exact image was found.

Backlink Image URL – The Image URL to the image on the Backlink

Your Image URL – The Image URL on your website

Your Page URL – The webpage URL of where the image is located on your website

Is Collection – If the image belongs to a known collection the result is TRUE. If the image does not belong to a known collection, the result is FALSE.

Is Stock – If the image is a known stock image the result is TRUE. If the image is not a known stock photo, it will return as FALSE.

Dimensions (W x H) – The exact size dimensions of the image

Image Similarity – A number (0 to 100) that indicates how much a matching image has been modified from the query image. A lower score indicates more extensive modifications (including resizing). Weaker matches may include partial matches and matches that are not relevant to your needs. For example, a logo, some text or the background in the result image may match part of your search image, but the overall images are not the same. This is the nature of our image searching: it looks for identical regions in images and cannot decide that a matching logo, text or background is a bad or irrelevant match for you.

Backlink Domain – The domain name of where the image was found on backlink

Result Status – If the image is found in our 56+ million image database, the result is TRUE. If FALSE, this means image is not in our database, which is usually a good sign! We do not charge you for any images not found in our database.

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