How to Check All Your Website Images for Copyright Infringement can crawl your website and automatically scan all the images of your website. We will crawl your website and detect all the images shown publicly on your website. We will then check every single image to see if there is a potential copyright infringement.

You can then view the results and replace images to ensure you are image copyright compliant.

Step 1: Log into the Dashboard. #

Log into PicDefense Image Copyright Checking Tool

Step 2: Input your website URL into the “Crawl Job” field and click “Submit” #

Step 3: Review Cost and Approve Job # will crawl your website, and let you know how many images it has detected on your website. The number of images will be shown under “Max Cost” column. In this example, the website has a total of 314 images, thus will require a maximum of 314 credits on the account. If you do not have enough credits, our system will ask you to top-up your account.

Please note, the “Max Cost” is just that, it is the maximum amount that we will deduct from your account. The reason being, when scanning your images, we will not deduct your credits for duplicate images. We will also not deduct your credits if we do not have any data on your image. Crawl Job Step 2 Approve Job

After clicking on the “Approve Now” button, it will ask you for confirmation.

Step 4: View Detailed Results of Scan #

Click on “View Details” to view the detailed results of the scan. will process the job, and provide you with detailed results after our check.

You have the option of downloading a CSV Export of your data.

PicDefense Image Copyright Check Results
Know exactly which Images Are Copyrighted and Which Ones You Need to Replace
Stay up-to-date on Copyright Image Trolls

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