How to Check Images for Copyright using Image URLs

Step 1: Log into the Dashboard #

Image Copyright Checker Tool

Step 2: Paste the Image URL(s) into the “Image Job” field. #

Paste the Image URL(s) into the “Image Job” field. One per line.

Supported Formats Include: JPEG, PNG, WEBP, and GIF images

Step 3: Review the Cost and Approve the Job #

Before the job is processed, you have an opportunity to review the cost of the job. Our system will calculate the number of images you requested to be checked.

Please note, the “Max Cost” is the maximum amount of credits that it will take to process your job. If during the check, we detect image duplicates we will not charge you. We also do not charge you credits if our database of 56+ billion web images does not contain any information regarding the image. You are utilizing the same databases as the copyright trolls, so if our database doesn’t contain any information on that image, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. We do not deduct any credits from you if we do not have any information regarding your image.

You can approve the job so PicDefense can start checking your entire site for copyrighted images. Crawl Job Step 2 Approve Job

Step 4: View the Detailed Results #

Based on the number of jobs in the current queue, you may need to wait a few minutes for your job to be processed.

Once PicDefense completes the verification of each of your images, you can click on the “View Details” button to view the results.

You can also click on the “Export” button to export the detailed report as a CSV file.

View Detailed Report on Which Images are Copyrighted Images
PicDefense Image Copyright Check Results
Know exactly which Images That Are Copyrighted and You Need to Review
Stay up-to-date on Copyright Image Trolls

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