Passionate Team. Defending the Little Guys From Copyright Trolls.

We’re a passionate team of developers who once were just small-time website owners. Our journey took a turn when we unintentionally violated copyright laws, receiving a demand letter despite our lack of understanding. It felt like a hold-up; pay a ransom or face dire consequences. This situation can spell the end for small websites.

Recognizing the need for a simpler way to navigate image copyright, we created PicDefense.io. This tool scans websites, checking all images for potential copyright issues, saving users from the time-consuming and complex task of manual checks.

PicDefense.io empowers website owners, especially the little guys, to protect their sites from copyright trolls, helping avoid devastating penalties and legal threats. We’re proud to make the internet a safer, fairer space through our tool.

Meet The Team

Chih Wang of PicDefense

Chih Wang

CEO & Co-Founder

Abel Limas Jr of PicDefense

Abel Limas Jr

CTO & Co-Founder

Chrys of PicDefense


Head of Support

Aman Kumar Developer for PicDefense



Our Values

1. Underdog Focus

2. Quality Products

3. Trust & Respect

4. Innovation

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