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The importance of a copyright infringement audit lies in ensuring that your website complies with copyright laws and avoids legal issues. Consequences of copyright violations may include costly fines, demand letters, and damage to your online reputation. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of conducting a DIY copyright infringement audit on your website, so you can protect your site from potential legal trouble.

Assembling Your Website’s Content Inventory

Begin by cataloging all content on your website, including images, text, audio, and video. Use website crawling tools and CMS features to gather a comprehensive list of all content hosted on your site. Make sure to note sources and licensing information, if available.

Example Website Crawling Tools:

Screaming Frog Crawler

Investigating Sources and Licensing Terms

Trace the origins of all content on your site and determine their licensing terms. Understand various license types, including royalty-free, Creative Commons, public domain, and custom licenses. This knowledge will help you evaluate your content usage and ensure compliance with licensing terms.

Ensuring Proper Attribution and Usage Rights

Verify that all content attributions are accurate and follow the requirements stated in their respective licenses. Check that the content usage aligns with the given licensing terms and make necessary adjustments to comply with specific license requirements.

Spot unattributed images and content that may be infringing on copyright laws. Recognize content used beyond the scope of their licenses and detect unauthorized content usage. Make a list of all potential infringements for further action.

Reverse Image Search Tools:

Obtain necessary permissions for content usage or add required attributions as needed. Purchase appropriate licenses for content or replace infringing content with legal alternatives. This step is crucial in resolving any copyright issues and protecting your website from legal trouble.

Popular free and less risky stock photo sites:



Implementing Ongoing Monitoring and Compliance Measures

Regularly audit your website for potential infringements to maintain copyright compliance. Utilize tools like PicDefense to simplify the process and stay updated on copyright law changes and best practices. Consistent monitoring will help you proactively address any issues that may arise.


Proactive copyright compliance is essential in protecting your online presence and avoiding legal issues. By performing a DIY copyright infringement audit on your website, you can ensure that your content usage aligns with licensing terms and minimize the risk of receiving demand letters or facing legal consequences. Stay vigilant, use the right tools, and keep your website safe from potential copyright infringements.

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