How PicDefense helped website owners with image copyright infringement

As a website owner, you have a lot on your plate. But image copyright compliance shouldn’t be something you overlook. Ensuring that all of the images on your site are legally permitted for use is important not only for ethical reasons, but also to protect yourself from potential legal issues and costly demand letters.

But how do you keep track of copyright status of every image on your site? That’s where PicDefense comes in.

Meet Lylah, a website owner who recently turned to PicDefense to help her comply with image copyright laws. Despite being careful about using only images she had permission to use, Lylah occasionally used third party writers to create content for her company blog. Lylah was worried that the writers used images that were copyrighted and that she might have missed something. She wanted to be certain that her website was fully compliant with copyright law.

Lylah had good reason to be concerned. She had received a copyright infringement demand letter from a law firm a few months earlier, claiming that one of the images on her website was infringing on someone else’s copyright. The letter demanded payment of a hefty penalty and threatened legal action if Lylah did not comply.

Determined to avoid future issues, Lylah used PicDefense’s image copyright check tool. She entered the URL of her website and clicked submit. Within minutes, PicDefense had scanned her entire site and identified any potential image copyright violations.

To Lylah’s surprise, the tool detected several images that were potentially infringing on someone else’s copyright. She quickly reviewed the list and found that some of the images had been used on her site that she had not purchased or gotten permission to use.

Thanks to PicDefense, Lylah was able to identify and address the issue before it became a bigger problem. She was able to replace the infringing images with stock photos that she had permission to use, ensuring that her website remained compliant with copyright law.

Don’t take chances with image copyright compliance.

Protect yourself and your website with PicDefense by scanning your site now!

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